15 October 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

1. Ground school classes for cadets interested in applying for the Glider Pilot Scholarship Course, the Power Pilot Scholarship Course, or who just want to learn about flight will be every Tuesday evening from 1900-2100hrs at the Armoury. They will also meet on Wednesday evenings from 1800-1830.  Ground school is open to all cadets of all levels and is the first step in learning to fly. For information please speak to WO2 Rochat.

2. Cadets who wish to participate in an air rifle range practice and try out for the Squadron’s Marksmanship Team are encouraged to come out to the Armoury Thursday evenings. Range will be held every Thursday night from 1800hrs to 2100hrs unless otherwise stated. This activity is open to all cadets of the Squadron.

3.The Squadron’s two drill teams (Drill with Arms and Drill without Arms) will be practicing every Monday at the Armoury from 1930-2130hrs unless otherwise stated. These two teams are open to all cadets.

4. Cadets that are interested in the Squadron’s model rocket club are to see Aviator (Avr) Solimine.

5. The Squadron will be gliding on 16-18 Oct 15 in North Bay. Cadets are to be at the armoury for 1730 hrs on Friday.  Please see the previous posts fro any specifics.

6. Any cadet 14 and older can register for the Duke of Edinburgh program online.

7. We now have the red cadet t-shirts in all sizes. They are $15 each at the office. See Miss Vicki.

8. 75th Anniversary pins are now available to be worn on the cadet uniform. Please get yours and sign for it with Mrs. Hodder.

9. Next week the squadron will start it's mandatory sale of lottery tickets. All cadets are required to sell one book of tickets. The cost of each booklet is $50 and is required when you sign out your book of tickets.

10.  Wednesday October 28th will be the Squadron Halloween Party.  As part of our 100 cadet recruiting challenge, cadets are encouraged to bring a friend for the evening in hopes of enticing some of your friends to join.

11.  Cadets who are attending the 450 Squadron flight day on Sunday are reminded NOT to bring cell phones or cameras.  Capt Dan Duchene is the contact for this event and can be reached at 613-281-6536 for information that you are not able to find within the previous post with regards to this event.

12. Annually we must verify the information we have for your son/daughter/ward. Included in this package is the “Annual Validation Form.” Please read the instructions, make any corrections required, attach copies of any applicable official documents, sign, and then return to the Squadron office. We are also including validation forms for cadets who just joined the Squadron to ensure the accuracy of the information entered into our system. As well, it is very important that we have active email addresses for all parent/guardian(s) and cadets. When we distribute information for summer training (i.e. travel orders, etc…) this information is only distributed via email. Also included in this package is the revised “Squadron Handbook.” This booklet was formerly entitled the “Parents’ Handbook.” The handbook is a reference for parent/guardian(s) and cadets. All information in the handbook is important, but items of specific importance have been labelled with an exclamation mark. We ask that you read over the handbook and then sign and return the acknowledgement form (last page of the handbook) to the Squadron office. The deadline for the return of the annual validation form and squadron handbook acknowledgement form is Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Cadets who have not returned these two forms by the deadline will not be permitted to participate in any cadet training until these forms are received by the squadron office.