25 September 2014

Wednesday Sept 24/14
1. Next Wednesday will be sports night. Please make sure you wear your red squadron t-shirt. Theses are available in the office for $15 if you do not have one. Please see Vicki Dombroskie.
2. This weekend the Orienteering Competition will be taking place in Sudbury. The following cadets will be competing.
Frampton Nathan
Antler Julie Ilya
Frampton Johnathan
Luloff Amber
Thomas Henry
Wagner Callie
Giglio Tyler
Hill Samantha
Rochat Shanon
Lavoie Kamrie
Osmond Liam
Lavoie Maya
Fleming Tristan
White Victoria
Please wish them all the best of luck.
3. Marksmanship will take place on Thursday nights. They will run from 1800 - 2100 hrs on Thursday nights. All cadets are welcome. New and old cadets as well as the rifle team itself.
4. The Squadron will be running band practices with the Army Cadets on Thursday nights. These run from 1800 - 2100 hrs. The practices are open to all interested cadets. If you have your instrument, please bring it with you. Please check in with Capt Duchene in the office upon arrival.
5. Drill team will meet on Mondays at the Armoury from 1830 - 2030 hrs. All cadets are welcomed and encouraged to attend. This team will meet on Mondays for the entire year. Any changes to this can be found weekly here.