03 September 2014

Activity:          2014 Fall Survival Field Training Exercise (FTX)
Dates:               19-21 Sep 2014

This activity is open to all cadets with a valid health card. The aim of this exercise will be to introduce junior cadets to basic survival techniques (i.e. shelters, fire, etc…) while at the same time providing an opportunity for senior cadets to practice their leadership and instructional techniques.

**Senior cadets (FSgts and above) will begin the exercise on Friday, September 19th
**Junior cadets will begin Saturday, September 20th
Location: Kobylecki property located at 198 Zanders Road in Laurentian Valley Township.

All meals will be provided.  Cadets will sleep in improvised shelters or squadron supplied tents should the weather

19 Sep 14         1800hrs (6:00 pm) Senior Cadets are to be dropped off at the Kobylecki property
20 Sep 14         0800hrs (8:00 am) Junior Cadets are to be dropped off at Kobylecki property
21 Sep 14         1400hrs (2:00 pm) All Cadets are to be picked up at Kobylecki property
* please ensure there is someone available to pick-up your child/children in a timely manner

Cadets are to wear appropriate civilian attire, olive drab combats allowed, but NO CADPAT

Kit List
T-shirts/long sleeve shirts
Pants (not jeans)
Undergarments/ socks for 2 days
Hat (ball cap or kitted cap)
Rain gear
Sports gear (loose fitting clothing)
Runners / sneakers
Mittens / gloves
Face cloth
Comb/hair brush
**Valid Health Card
 Reusable water bottle
 Notebook and pen
Appropriate other clothing as seen fit
SLEEPING KIT                     
Cadets must supply their own sleeping bag appropriate to the conditions. Air mattresses are encouraged
Money or other valuables; electronics; knives.  Small pocket-knives will be permitted for Sgts and above.

For more information please contact:   Capt Heather Frampton 613-585-9534
Emergency Contact During the Ex:                            Capt Dan Duchene 613-281-6536
                                                                                                     Capt Heather Frampton 613-687-7310

*****Detach and return this permission form before 17 Sep 2014 *****
I give permission for _____________________________ (name of cadet) to participate in Fall Field Training Exercise, 19/20‑21 Sep 2014.
Cadet will be picked up by (check one):
c      parent/guardian at the Kobylecki property @ 1400 hrs (2 pm)                                
c      Other at the Kobylecki property @ 1400 hrs (2 pm). Enter name of other person picking up cadet below.
638 Squadron is authorized to release the cadet into the custody of ___________________________________(Photo ID Required)
Parent/Guardian Name (Please Print): __________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________                             Date: _________________
Any important medical information or special dietary concerns: (list of medications)
Health Insurance Card number: _____________________________________
Contact Numbers (in case of emergency):       
Name___________________________                                  Tel:_____________________________

Name___________________________                                  Tel:_____________________________