03 April 2014

The following cadets have signed up for archery on Sunday April 6/14.

Morning 0900-1200hrs

Zack Hodder
Morgan Cummings
Owen Cummings
Autumn Dombroskie
Caeden McGregor
Justin keeping

Spots are still available for the morning.  If you would like to attend please email Capt frampton. (gandh.frampton@live.com)

Afternoon 1300-1600hrs

Logan Boland
Kamrie Lavoie
Johnathon Frampton
Amber Luloff
Callie Wagner
Julie Antler
Sam Solimine
Sarah Solomine
Leslie Wilkinson
Shanon Rochat
Nathan Frampton
Henry Thomas
Vanessa Robert
Jade Johnstone

No afternoon spaces available.