03 April 2014

The following cadets have either submitted a permission slip or expressed interest in attending the 427 Squadron and 450 Squadron tours on Saturday, April 5, 2014.  If your name is not on the list and you wish to attend you must email or call Capt Duchene no later than 0900hrs on Friday, April 4, 2014.  duchene.dg@sympatico.ca or 613-281-6536

Antler, Julie
Boland, McKenna
Boland, Logan
Cummings, Morgan
Cummings, Owen
Fleming, Tristan
Fleurant, Erik
Frampton, Johnathan
Hill, Samantha
Hill, Sara
Hodder, Zackary
Keeping, Justin
McGregor, Caeden
Osmond, Bryn
Osmond, Colton
Osmond, Liam
Patel, Megha
Patel, Meshwa
Reid, Zachary
Rochat, Shanon
Secker, Christopher
Secker, Nancy
Solimine, Samantha
Tarso, Anthony
Vandergragt, Alyssa
Vandergragt, Andrea
Vandergragt, Mark Anthony

Reminder that cadets are to be dropped off at 427 Squadron at 0930hrs and should be picked up at 450 Squadron at 1500hrs.  Cadets are to be in full dress uniform with ribbons not medals.  Lunch is provided.