29 February 2016

Below is the list of names for all cadets who have handed in their summer training form. Please double check the list to see if you are on it.
Sonoski Liam
Carignan Mary
Young Madison
Brown-McKie Victoria
Hill Samantha
Hill Sabrina
Smith Felix
Longworth Sarah
Belanger Celeste
McKee Benoit
Fleurant Renee
Tower Damian
Cummings Owen
Rochat Hayden
Hill Oryon
Keetch Georgia
Goyette Alex
Zebiere Ashton
McKee Gabriel
Morrisey Christopher
McCafferty Murron
McCafferty James
Comeau Napoleon
Remes-Gavin Anika
Kennedy Cameron
Luloff Amber
Robert Vanessa
Sine Serena
Sine Reanna
Fleurant Erik
Hill Sarah
Tarso Anthony
Keeping Justin
Somes Ryan
Daigle Kierran