24 September 2015

Annually we must verify the information we have for your son/daughter/ward. Included in this package is the “Annual Validation Form.” Please read the instructions, make any corrections required, attach copies of any applicable official documents, sign, and then return to the Squadron office. We are also including validation forms for cadets who just joined the Squadron to ensure the accuracy of the information entered into our system. As well, it is very important that we have active email addresses for all parent/guardian(s) and cadets. When we distribute information for summer training (i.e. travel orders, etc…) this information is only distributed via email. Also included in this package is the revised “Squadron Handbook.” This booklet was formerly entitled the “Parents’ Handbook.” The handbook is a reference for parent/guardian(s) and cadets. All information in the handbook is important, but items of specific importance have been labelled with an exclamation mark. We ask that you read over the handbook and then sign and return the acknowledgement form (last page of the handbook) to the Squadron office. The deadline for the return of the annual validation form and squadron handbook acknowledgement form is Wednesday, October 28, 2015. Cadets who have not returned these two forms by the deadline will not be permitted to participate in any cadet training until these forms are received by the squadron office.
Annual validation packages were handed out this past Wednesday. If you did not recieve yours please make sure to pick one up from 2Lt Snelgrove in the office next week.