29 April 2015


Dear Parent/Guardian(s) and Cadets,

The Royal Canadian Air Cadet program is a partnership between the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Department of National Defence (DND).  DND provides funding and logistical support for the mandatory programs.  Local funding for individual Squadrons is the responsibility of the local sponsoring committee.  In the case of 638 Squadron, the local sponsoring committee is comprised of a board of interested and likeminded individuals.  At the local level, they provide funding for everything else including funding for training outside of the mandatory programs supported by DND.

Since the dissolution of 438 Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association many years ago the Squadron has not had a sponsor (i.e. an organization who provides annual funding).  All funding, apart from that supplied by DND, is raised through fundraisers, donations, and tagging.  Tagging makes up for half of the Squadron’s annual budget.  It is imperative that our annual tagging weekend is supported by all Squadron members to ensure its success.

Once again, this year’s tagging weekend is being organized by 2Lt Wendy McGinley and will be taking place on Friday, May 1, 2015, Saturday, May 2, 2015, and Sunday, May 3, 2015.  I would like to congratulate 2Lt McGinley for successfully securing all four tagging locations again this year.  Most are not aware, but a lot of effort goes in to securing these locations including paperwork, liability insurance forms, many telephone calls, and even visits to the locations.  In most cases confirmation of the tagging dates was only received on 22 Apr 15.

Please be advised that for many reasons this year’s tagging weekend will only be taking place in Pembroke at Walmart, Canadian Tire, the Pembroke Mall, and the LCBO.

I ask for everyone’s cooperation in making this year’s tagging weekend a success.  Please provide 2Lt McGinley with the support she needs to fill all the tagging shifts.  All cadets are expected to participate in the minimum of one shift over the course of the weekend, but cadets are encouraged to sign up for multiple shifts if possible.

As per our Squadron Handbook (page 8) in order to participate in the year end trip cadets must:

·         sell at least one book of lottery tickets or pay an additional $50.00 on top of the cost of the trip;
·         participate in each tagging weekend (at least one shift per weekend) or pay an additional $100.00 on top of the cost of trip; and
·         participate in the Annual Ceremonial Review.

Cadets are to be dropped off at Walmart 10 minutes prior to the start of their tagging shift and picked up at Walmart at the end of their shift. All supervisors will meet with cadets at Walmart and then proceed to their designated tag location with their cadets; supervisors will escort cadets back to Walmart at the end of their tagging shift for parental pick-up.

All cadets are to eat a meal prior to tagging as there will be no time provided for meal breaks. Cadets may bring peanut free snacks and are encouraged to bring a filled water bottle with them for the duration of their tagging shift.

Dress for tagging is C-2 – i.e Tunic, Tie, Dress Shirt etc... Cadets are reminded that you are representing 638 Squadron and the Canadian Cadet Movement. Please ensure your dress, deportment, and behaviour is top notch.  Cadets without a uniform are encouraged to participate in tagging wearing their red Squadron tshirt or appropriate civilian attire.

Any questions or concerns regarding the tagging schedule can be addressed to 2Lt Wendy McGinley via email
wmcg@sympatico.ca or by telephone at 819-683-5575 (home) or 343-369-5575 (cell).

As a charitable organization we seek support from businesses, individuals, and community groups.  If you know of someone who would like to support 638 Squadron financially please let us know.  We have sponsorship packages that can be presented.  All donations to 638 Squadron are eligible for a charitable receipt.

All other questions can be addressed to the undersigned.

D.G. (Dan) Duchene                                                                      
Commanding Officer