20 November 2014

Wednesday November 19/14
1. Drill Team practices are held every Monday night at the Pembroke Armoury from 1830-2030hrs unless otherwise stated.
2. Ground School will take place at the Pembroke Armoury on Tuesday evenings from 1845-2100hrs in the computer lab and Wednesday evenings from 1800-1830hrs in the Ante Room.
3. Cadets who wish to participate in an air rifle range practice and try out for the Squadron’s Marksmanship Team are encouraged to come out to the Armoury Thursday evenings. Range will be held every Thursday night from 1800hrs to 2100hrs unless otherwise stated. This Thursday is only open to the following cadets: Both Wagner's, Rochat, Croft, Keetch, Fleurant and McCafferty.
4. Cadets interested in being part of the combined Army Cadet/Air Cadet Brass and Reed band are encouraged to come out to the Armoury Thursday evenings from 1800hrs to 2100hrs unless otherwise stated. No experience is necessary and instruments are provided if needed. If you have your own instrument you are asked to bring it with you.
5. Don’t forget to sign out your lottery cadet tickets. Sold books are due back by Wednesday, December 10, 2014.
6. The Squadron’s Sponsoring Committee sent home Sunset Gourmet fundraising packages. 40% of all sales get donated back to the Squadron. Packages are due back on November 26th
7. Upcoming events:
23 Nov 14 – Squadron Sports Day and Swimming at Garrison Petawawa
21-23 Nov 14 – NOA Mass Band Clinic in Sudbury
5 Dec 14 – 6th Annual Ottawa Valley Cadet Christmas Formal
8. There will be a band clinic event this weekend for the following cadets. Hodder, Cummings M, Wagner C, and Roberts. You are asked to be at the Armoury on Friday Nov 21/14 at 1345 hrs. The cadets will be returning on Sunday Nov 23/14 at 1900 hrs.