16 October 2014

Wednesday October 15/14
1. Lotto Tickets will be going home next week. These tickets are mandatory for every cadet to sell a book. The cost of each book is $50.00. Please see Mrs. John or Mrs. Hodder in order to purchase and pick up your book of tickets.
2. Marksmanship will take place on Thursday nights. They will run from 1800 - 2100 hrs on Thursday nights. This week is open for all cadets except for Wagner C, Rochat S, Fleurant R, Keetch G, and McCafferty (except to help out).
3. The Squadron will be running band practices with the Army Cadets on Thursday nights. These run from 1800 - 2100 hrs. The practices are open to all interested cadets. If you have your instrument, please bring it with you.
4. Drill team will meet on Mondays at the Armoury from 1830 - 2030 hrs. All cadets are welcomed and encouraged to attend. This team will meet on Mondays for the entire year.
5. Ground school will be held on Tuesday nights from now on at 450 Squadron Garrison Petawawa. Cadets will meet Capt Rochat at the front doors at 1845 hrs. Ground school will go until 2100 hrs.